Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DAY 9 of DIY

I'd like to celebrate this post as it's my 100th post since I've started this blog in 2008!Yay! When I first started, I was a stressed out 18 year old high school student who has just received not very good news in the mail about her dream school. Only a few days later did I realize it was a blessing in disguise as I received my letter of acceptance to Concordia University. Now I'm a 20 year old stressed out university student but I have a much better footing of what I want to do and a better idea of where I want to go in life. Whatever I choose, I want to thank you all my friends, followers and readers for faithfully keeping up with me and watched me grow and develop into a better artist :) I wouldn't have been able to go this far without your support!

Today's DIY are 6 collage butterfly tags! Use them to decorate your holiday gifts or use them as mini bookmarks, the choice is yours. The file is letter sized, and comes with 6 different tags. Click here for the full image.

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laura said...

Happy 100th!! Congrats on keeping up with the blogging! I'm also digging all the freebies, very nice!