Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Sea At Sea

Once again, apologies for a less than awesome documentation of my major final assignment. I am thankful for fellow classmate Claire who snapped a quick picture of my piece for me when my camera decided to die on me. I will post close-ups of individual pieces later!

The purpose of this final assignment was to create a narrative of your choice, and how one approached it was completely up to them. I began toying with the idea of the sea, and all the creatures that dwelled within the deep blue, and correlated that with the concept of hidden motives and feelings of the heart. From there my idea slowly transgressed into something quite different. While still deeply tied to the sea, it was brought forth with ideas and imagery of turmoil, unrest, decisions and pain. In a very stretched view, it could be seen as a personal narrative of feelings I felt within the last few weeks before school ended. Perhaps subconsciously I put on paper through pen and paint all the frustrations I felt towards life and school?

In Sea At Sea
mixed media

As you can see, this is a pretty large piece, with many individual pieces. Most were done with watercolour mediums with various painting techniques. Others were done on Bond paper, with pen, marker, whiteout, and ink. By the end of this project, I almost ran dry of my pen supplies! Time to buy more!

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