Wednesday, October 7, 2009

une chaise.

When I should be sleeping, I am up like a moth, attracted to the weak glow of my desk lamp. After a month of school, I have so many projects and art pieces that have simply been pulled out of my brain like a magician pulling ribbons from his sleeve. Some are good, and some, not so good. But that's ok. I have all year to improve.

Quick sketch of a chair. Pen on paper.

Now this poster is a class assignment, where we had to cram a lot of information in one space, and how to use this space effectively. Autumn really got to me, as you can see with the greenery.

Also! Please check out my DART website, you get to check out first hand my nifty flash intro, which was done with a lot of help from several classmates, due to my limited knowledge with the program.

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