Tuesday, July 14, 2009

silence & chaos

graphite pencil on mayfair, drawing of ceramic busts, figure study.
These renderings are done on huge mayfair sheets, as I enjoy drawing on bigger sheets to be able to use all of my arm movements. Each took several hours to draw.
When there's nothing left to you, take pictures, draw, and dream. I have a month to paint 4 canvases for my cousin as a stagette gift!


lolita said...

it's jess.
uhhh i might be in montreal in late august. hopefully, you will be there and we will party it up?!! love you!

JOKZ said...

ohhhh very nice. gj jess

Jessie said...

I am very most likely possibly be in montreal! I hope we can meet up and I'l show you the secret wonders of Montreal! <3 <3

Jessie said...

thanks florian! I appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice drawings! Keep with the good work!

Konstantin Kiriakov said...

Nice! I like your David cast drawing, I think you captured his expression and presence very well.

Jessie said...

ahh, thank you konstantin! I had a lot of trouble with his face actually, it's a lot more intense in real life, though I did my best.